The CSLA Fund is our annual giving program, sometimes referred to as our CORE donors.  While many donors elect to give monthly, others may give annually or on other payment schedules.  In any case, these donors do make up the foundation of our fundraising efforts.  We could not run C.S. Lewis Academy successfully without this critical assistance.

Every gift matters and is an expression of your support of a C.S. Lewis Academy education.

What is the CSLA Fund, and how does it benefit each student?
The CSLA Fund is a school-wide fundraising effort that enhances the school’s budget with contributions that support our exceptional faculty, and outstanding academic programs. The fund allows us to grow and support programs such as theatre, robotics, outdoor education, and music. You can see your generosity at work on campus every day including faculty salaries, educational technology and equipment, daily necessities, and everything from the arts to athletics.

Why is the CSLA Fund Important?
Gifts to the CSLA Fund provide the financial resources that enable CSLA to create enriching experiences for students.   Your gift also demonstrates the community’s commitment to C.S. Lewis Academy. Funding organizations examine the level of financial support that is provided by community members as part of determining which organizations will receive grants and corporate gifts. A high percentage of donor participation, particularly among our school community, increases the likelihood of securing grants and corporate funding. The financial resources generated by this fundraising helps ensure that C.S. Lewis remains a truly exceptional school for every student.

” I absolutely felt prepared academically once I heard what assignments I would be having during my first year at a university. In fact, there were many times when I felt far more prepared than other students who had attended public schools. Being able to write papers, whether they were short, long, or needed to be completed in a short amount of time, was not an issue for me because of the practice I had in high school. I noticed that many other students really struggled with that, and would freak out over the length of a 5 or 7 page paper, or have problems structuring it.”             Nikki B-D. ’12

Why isn’t tuition enough?
Tuition and fees do not cover the total cost of educating our students; tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the school’s budget. The remaining 15 percent is funded by individual donations to the CSLA Fund and other fundraising efforts. Your gift supports the people and programs that make C.S. Lewis Academy special. This includes an impressive Christian faculty, small class sizes, a strong curriculum and well-rounded extra-curricular activities.

Why doesn’t the school charge the full amount to cover operating costs?
Our traditional tuition model maintains charging between 80-85% of the true cost of education to keep education available, inclusive and affordable to all families. Charging the full cost of education would make our school unavailable to many.  As in most private schools, basic tuition revenues are supplemented through fundraising programs like the CSLA Fund and the Auction.

What is considered participation and how is a gift of any amount really helpful?
Participation success is defined as a high percentage of supporters who give a gift of any size. High percentages of donors indicate a vote of confidence for outside funding organizations who evaluate our community’s support. We aim for high participation from our alumni, current families, board of directors, and faculty-staff. A gift of any amount counts toward participation and is greatly appreciated.

Is my gift tax deductible?
C.S. Lewis Academy is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law as determined by IRS regulations. A letter from CSLA will be provided to you following the receipt of your gift. Please retain this letter as proof of your tax-deductible donation. Donors will also receive a calendar year-end tax statement from the C.S. Lewis Financial office for you records. Donors who make gifts to the CSLA Fund before December 31 are eligible for a deduction in that year.

Supportive Events
Three key events support the CSLA Fund: the fall Golf Classic, the Watchmen Challenge and the Dinner/Auction and Raffle.

When is the fiscal year?
July 1 through June 30.

Can I make a pledge now and pay later?
Yes! Choose a payment schedule that works best for you: monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you would like, the Development office will send a periodic reminder until your balance is paid. For a CSLA Fund gift, we ask that your pledge be paid in full by June 30, the end of our fiscal year.

May I make a gift using a credit card?
Yes, you can make a credit card gift using VISA, MasterCard or Discover card by using our Square account.


Want to give with a paper form?  Checks with a  CSLA FUND FORM (pdf) can be sent to:

Box 3250
Newberg, OR  97132