Background of final opening decision

C.S. Lewis Academy  planned to teach on campus starting September 9th.  While the safety of our faculty, staff and students was always paramount, it is closely followed by our dedication to provide the outstanding, quality education for which we are known.  We felt we had protocols and procedures in place for an on-time, on-site reopening this fall.

The ODE and OHA released a set of guidelines and protocols (Ready Schools, Safe Learners) which was been adjusted several times during the summer months.  We reviewed and worked through those guidelines and saw CSLA as uniquely positioned to follow the regulations and recommendations while still offering full on campus classes.  

However, on July 28, 2020, the ODE/OHA and Governor Brown released  a set of metrics for the State and our County which must be met for us to be allowed to open on campus.  Those metrics were further clarified in August.

There is an exception for grades K-3 that we are confident can be reached sooner thereby allowing us to open at least those classes on campus.  We are working tirelessly toward safely reopening on campus as soon as possible as this is high priority for K-12.   We do believe because of our small size, we will be among the first schools to open with on campus teaching/learning.  

On August 25 we received the metrics that confirmed we would need to start all levels with our Teacher-Led, Learning-at-Home model.

While we are using our TLLH model we may utilize a  Limited In-Person Instruction exception.  This will allow us to meet with many of our classes for supportive instruction and social/mental health befits. The details of this program will be released to our parents as soon as they are available.

During the spring, we were a leader in Teacher-Led, Learning-at-Home. Our faculty started early on, and maintained a commendable dedication to being flexible and creative with the goal of moving each class and each student forward.

Nonetheless, there is no substitute for hands-on, in-person, CSLA-style teaching and learning, and we are excited to get back to doing what we do best as soon as we can.

August 11, 2020 News article on recent changes