Spiritual Life

The heart of C.S. Lewis Academy’s spiritual instruction is helping students develop a Christian worldview, which is simply the way a person interprets and interacts with the world. This begins in the primary grades, where we focus on how much God loves us and wants to be part of our daily lives, just as he was with the people in the Bible.  From the security of our own identity within that love, we learn to interact with others with justice and compassion. Students have the opportunity to show love for others from the earliest grades, participating in local and international giving projects. 

As students mature, they learn to apply biblical truths to thinking critically across a wide spectrum of subjects. Compassion and justice continue as key elements of this worldview, as they practice the art of respectfully engaging with those who hold differing perspectives.  Students are trained and encouraged to seek points of connection with others in order to hold serious discussion, and to believe, with C.S. Lewis, that Aslan, who represents Christ in the Narnia series, "seems to be at the back of all the stories." 

Specific activities include:

  • Daily classroom Bible lesson and prayer, K-12
  • Frequent classroom discussions integrating faith and critical thinking regarding various academic subjects and current events
  • Weekly classroom Bible memory verses
  • Weekly chapels (separate for Elementary and Middle/High School) that include worship and an age-appropriate message
  • Praise Band (student-led worship) for Middle/High School chapel
  • Benevolence projects in our local community, including assistance for local community kitchens, safe havens, and outreaches.
  • Christmas Shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan's Purse.
  • School sponsorships each month for a needy child in Haiti and the Charity Water project (providing wells for clean drinking water around the world).
  • Belize Missions Trip (every other year)
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