4-6 Basketball005

Grade School

  • 3rd–5th grade Coed Soccer – Fall

  • 4th–6th grade Girls Basketball – Winter

  • 4th–6th grade Boys Basketball – Winter

  • 3rd–4th grade Coed Basketball – Spring


Middle School

  • 6th–8th Girls Volleyball– Fall

  • 6th–8th Coed Soccer – Fall

  • 6th-8th Boys Cross Country -- Fall
  • 6th-8th Girls Cross Country -- Fall
  • 6th–8th grade Girls Basketball – Winter

  • 6th–8th grade Boys Basketball – Winter

  • 6th–8th grade Coed Track – Spring



When winning is kept in perspective, CSLA’s sports programs will produce students who feel good about themselves, respect others, accept responsibility, strive for excellence, improve skills, have fun, and always show good sportsmanship during competition.  We are proud to offer an educationally-based athletics program.  We believe athletics to be an extension of the classroom and that our coaches are teachers.

Participation, involvement, and being able to play are far more important than winning a particular game or having the best win/loss record. Developing the individual is the focus; competition is merely the tool. Winning is an important objective in sports. To not seek victory is to be a dishonored competitor, but winning must not be overemphasized. Students must be taught that success is found in striving for victory. The important concept is that if they give their maximum effort, there will be no losers. 

Parents Meeting

The annual Watchmen parent’s meeting will be held in late August.  Parents of all student-athletes, of all sports, grades 3-12 are asked to attend. Varsity Soccer and Volleyball team parent meetings will follow.  Winter and Spring individual team parent meetings will be held the first week of the season.

Start Up Information



General information on the Athletics Policies and the CSLA Eligibility Rules can be found  in the Watchmen Athletics Program Handbook

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