K-12 Christian Education in Newberg, Oregon

The educational process in a Christian school is dependent on a Biblical philosophy, which provides a Biblical worldview and essential truths for life so that students will be prepared to assume their proper place in the home, church and state.

Mission-Vision.jpgAccordingly, the philosophy of education for the school is as follows:

  • Our philosophy is based on a God-centered view that all truth is God’s truth.
  • Our aim socially is to provide a worldview from which will come a balanced personality and proper understanding and acceptance of a person’s role in life at home, work, play, and worship, all grounded in the Christian concept of love.
  • Our goal is to impact students spiritually, mentally, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.
  • Our purpose is not for reformation, but for raising up young men and women to godly service, to train them in Biblical principles, responsibility, proper behavior, and citizenship, in order that they may grow to be strong Christian leaders in the future. This will be achieved through Christ-centered teachers integrating God’s Word with a high quality academic program and by providing students the opportunity to develop their spiritual gifts and ministry skills.

C.S. Lewis Academy Mission Statement

C.S. Lewis Academy is committed to providing an education that is challenging and responsive to individual needs; preparing students for life in a safe, nurturing environment that fosters character development and spiritual growth based on Biblical truth.


Discovering a Student’s Full Potential

From early childhood education through grade 12, C.S. Lewis Academy provides continuity and connection for each student as they progress through each grade. The easy migration from elementary to middle school, and from middle school to high school, affords our students the best possible environment to enrich their experience. Year after year, close bonds with classmates and teachers are forged and established. This foundation provides vital stability, as they are free to explore their full potential during their academic journey with us.

Small Classrooms, Individual Attention

Unlike some settings challenged by crowded classrooms and limited resources, C.S. Lewis Academy students are given personalized attention and specialized support from certified, highly trained, full-time faculty. This individualized approach allows students to flourish as their unique needs are assessed and met through a variety of empowering support programs.

Preparing Students For Life

The decision about how and where children are educated has never been so critical. C.S. Lewis Academy seeks to nurture and develop the whole student, mind, body, and spirit. A solid academic foundation encourages practical application of knowledge. This is paired with biblically based morality and character building lessons. Through clear independent judgment and character, our graduates have a special uniqueness that empowers and inspires them. They are well grounded, their beliefs established, and prepared for the next phase of their life journey.

Wondering if C.S. Lewis Academy is right for your child?