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100 Reasons we Love CSLA


What Makes C.S. Lewis Academy Different?

Well-Rounded Students Ready for Life

Students flourish while engaging in challenging curriculum in a safe, nurturing environment. Faculty members draw upon Biblical truth to guide students in their individual character and spiritual development. 



Parent's Guide to Choosing a School in Yamhill County

Parent's Guide to Choosing a School in Yamhill County

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Our Students Soar

The C.S. Lewis curriculum represents the full range of arts and sciences, physical education, drama and music. Our goal is to lead students to the highest academic levels of which they are capable. The higher goal remains to guide young people toward their fullest capabilities as men and women made in the image of God. We believe that these goals are compatible and complementary.


Alumni Reflections


Stories from Alumni, Parents, and Teachers

We are thankful for making the decision to send our three kids to C.S. Lewis Academy. The fact that they attended from preschool through their senior year is an obvious understatement to say we are believers in the school!  And our belief continues to grow along with our children.  It's more than our children being well prepared for college.  It's more than their education.  They were prepared for life.  They learned math and kindness, English and patience, social studies and self-control, science and wisdom, music and joy, athletics and gentleness.  They grew in knowledge and in the fruits of the Spirit, both of which were blended in with their academics.  We are so thankful for the school and how they helped us raise responsible kids. C.S. Lewis Academy is a special place for which we are forever grateful.

Alan & Cynthia Grobey, Alumni Parents

C.S. Lewis Academy was a really good school for me. I got to partake in many different experiences and grow from them. The school had a very healthy and positive atmosphere, encouraging students to strengthen their learning and faith. 

Trevor Ambrose, Class of 2019 – Valedictorian

We have 3 kids at CSLA, one in middle school & two in grade school. We love the small classroom setting, their teachers care personally for them (academically & spiritually) and they love participating on the school sports teams & clubs! My husband & I feel such a peace about sending our kids here, one of the best choices we've made!

Susan Naffin, Current CSLA Parent

C.S Lewis Academy has had a positive impact on my whole family. This is my 11th year being involved with the school and I firmly believe that it is a nurturing environment for all students and their families.

Carrie Friedrich,  Alumni Parent & Faculty Member

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