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High School


During grades 9 through 12, students are equipped to move out of the school’s nurturing community into the adventures of college, adulthood and the world beyond. As in every C.S. Lewis Academy classroom, students integrate solid moral and character concepts into their awareness. At this level, they learn to refine their skills of respect and affirmation of those around them and work in positive, affirming ways with others.

While some students choose career paths apart from college, those seeking university admission are well equipped with skills in all disciplines and above all, thinking. With this in mind, our faculty leads students through a variety of college preparatory curricula, with classes emphasizing the refinement of essential skills.

In addition to rounding out academic studies, students get practical understanding and experience in the subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, and organizational management. As a result, with academic skills well established and with strong moral and biblically-based ethics, our students graduate on a path toward academic and life success.

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