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Volunteers play a critical role in the success of C.S. Lewis Academy. Volunteers work with the school faculty, staff, coaches, parents and students in their progress each year. The school’s ability to offer many activities inside and outside of the classroom depends on volunteer help. While CSLA does not require volunteer hours, each family is strongly encouraged to get involved whenever possible.

Volunteers may assist in closing the gap that exists between the true cost of education and our tuition revenue. The services provided by volunteers always enhance our programs, and frequently reduce our overhead!

Background Consent Form (Once every 5 years)

Volunteer Driver Form (Once every 5 years)

Volunteer Hours Tracking Form


Weekly Newsletter & Other Publications


Yearly Required Forms

There are several  authorization forms that are required annually.  If this is your first year at CSLA, you were directed here as a part of the enrollment process.  For all families, these forms are due by the start of the school year, or prior to early athletics practices.  Also, all families are required to keep all information on RenWeb current, including insurance, medical and contact information.

In addition, here are the links for the authorization forms for other special programs.


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