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Benefits of a Private Christian K-12 Education

Posted by Katy Ambrose on Apr 9, 2019 8:00:00 AM

I grew up in a Christian home, the oldest of 5 children, the daughter of a teacher and child thriving in a private Christian educational settingan aerospace engineer. My parents believed in the value of Christian education, and so we all attended private school starting in kindergarten. This was a tricky proposition for a family of 7 being supported by a single income while my mom stayed home to raise us. Tricky, but doable. When the youngest entered school full time, my mom went back to teaching.

My husband & I have placed that same priority on our own children’s educations. Our kids have attended private Christian schools from kindergarten on, also supported by a single income while I stayed home until the youngest was in school all day. Then I returned to the work force.

As in my growing up years, private education has been a bit of a budget stretcher, but SO worth it. And more affordable than we would have expected. Yes we have had to make choices: we drive cars that are not brand new, we don’t take lavish vacations, for many years I shopped with coupons and we didn’t have cable or satellite TV. Some would consider this a sacrifice. We saw it as choice. We had a chance to give our kids a great education, in exchange for giving up some luxuries for a while. It was an easy decision for us.

Private Christian education offers so many benefits! In addition to faith-based, academically challenging curricula, our kids (and I, in my own elementary years) have personally experienced many of the following:

  1. Small class sizes.

    The largest class at our school has 13 students. That means students know and are known by their teachers. They are able to ask their teacher for a little extra attention if needed.
  2. The teachers and staff know and care for the students.

    The environment is safe and nurturing, but not enabling. Students are held to a standard, but also given tools to help them reach that standard. We parents are considered part of the team in our student’s education.
  3. Our kids have had the opportunity to be involved in multiple concurrent extracurricular activities.

    Our oldest daughter was active in student government and the theater program. Our son is in sports, student government, and will be going on a mission trip with one of his classes. The opportunity to ‘do it all’ has helped our kids learn to make choices, and to hone their time management skills.
  4. Our school has a strong K-12 community, with a bond that often feels like a second family.

    As a senior, our younger daughter participated in a program where she and 2 classmates taught Spanish once a week to K-2nd This reaffirmed her plans to teach at the elementary level, and she is now working toward her teaching degree.
  5. Higher graduation rate.

    It is rare that a senior does not graduate with the rest of his/her class.
  6. Chance to shine.

    Because our school is smaller, students can do anything and everything! Sports, student government, arts, theater, etc. The downside is that students can do it all! This is where decision-making and time management skills are put to practice.
  7. Superior academics, college prep.

    Our girls were well-prepared for college when they graduated, and found themselves academically ahead of their college peers. Our son will graduate soon, also has a strong academic foundation, and has been accepted by his top 3 college choices. We credit their excellent teachers and private education.
  8. Faith-based and character instruction.

    The values and faith that are important to our family and taught in our home are reinforced in the classroom.

Whenever we start to feel like we are missing out on something, we think about all of these advantages we have given our kids by choosing to give them a private, Christian education. We remember why we chose to forego some enjoyable but unnecessary extras, and are convinced we made the right decision.

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