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Help!  My Child is Going to Forget Everything this Summer!

When the school year wraps up and summer begins, a slower pace and sunshine start calling, and my family is always eager to answer! After counting down to the beginning of June, when school is out, we are ready for a break! 

Summer Bonding When the Grown Ups Have to Work

Summer.  The word brings visions of long days playing in the sprinkler, late nights playing board games followed by lazy mornings sleeping in, long family road trips, afternoons exploring local attractions, and a chance to take that vacation you...

How to Make Your Family Vacation Educational

It’s summer time and many families are planning time away from home for quick or extended vacations. In addition to our planned vacations, my husband travels a fair amount for work and we are sometimes able to turn some of his business trips into...

10 Summer Activities That Can Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

 As my baby finishes up her year in Kindergarten, I’m feeling especially nostalgic and remembering back to all the fun I had with each of my four kiddos before the commitment of school. These memories of spending all day together get me...