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3 Ways to Balance Sports and School Work

You may have read about the research that clearly shows that youth who participate in sports perform better academically. This all sounds great until a young teen tries to navigate balancing this sport or sports with the day-to-day school work...

Homework Tips for Middle Schoolers

Homework is certainly a dreaded task for most middle schoolers, especially if they have a lot of it. I would like to share 6 tips that have helped my middle school student tackle homework like a champ!

Helicopter Mom, Coming in for a Landing

Some might refer to me as a helicopter mom, hovering around the school, volunteering at every opportunity.  Just to be close to my kids, in case they need me.  Making sure the middle schooler has all his books and knows his homework assignments. ...

High School Today, College Tomorrow

Yes, it really goes by that quickly!  If college is in your student’s future, you should know that it is never too early to start preparing.  Here are some quick pointers from this seasoned mom as I’ve had the privilege of doing this journey...