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Five Godly Characteristics to Look For in a Christian School

Posted by Jenn Eshuis-Hoekema on May 29, 2019 7:00:00 PM

A few messages ago our family pastor was preaching about what God looks for in a family He uses to further His kingdom. As I listened, I was reminded that as godly parents, we should students learning in a nurturing godly environmentbe looking for specific godly characteristics in the Christian school we choose for our children. Here are some important qualities we looked for when evaluating schools for our children:

  • Prayer-filled:

    A Christian school ought to be filled with prayer partners. It encourages me to know that a group of parents and community members meet each week to pray for the school. Teachers meet and pray for their students and school. Even students pray for each other.
  • Peace-filled:

    In a loud and chaotic society, it is wonderful to be a part of a school community that relies on the peace of God even in the midst of worldly struggles. Nobody is perfect; everyone has hurts, but each faculty member instills calm in the midst of a storm.
  • Promise-filled:

    How is there calm in storm? Because a godly Christian school integrates Biblical promises from God’s Word. There is peace that comes from knowing that God’s promises never fail.
  • Praise-filled:

    Because God keeps His promises, the school becomes a praise-filled community:  challenging chapel speakers, student praise bands leading worship, and service opportunities. Praise-filled worship is not just singing, but takes place on serve days, in prayer meetings at the pole, during spiritual emphasis week, and more.
  • Potential-filled:

      As a community lifts up praise, one then sees the potential of student, family, and staff member increase in these characteristics.

What more could a Christian parent want than an environment that encourages that kind of spiritual growth and maturity instilled in tomorrow’s leaders?

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